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Problem Based Learning - Problem based learning should be a foundational aspect of the technology program in the middle school, allowing students to acquire valuable hard skills like software knowledge while also providing them with critical soft skills like working in teams, problem solving, researching--all the while learning about content in a variety of classes and contexts. In each grade, students will work on two in-depth problem-based learning (PBL) projects. A well-constructed PBL project will naturally involve more than one teacher/subject, as real-world problems are cross-disciplinary in nature. The PBL approach emphasizes the process needed to solve complex information problems. It places a premium on students’ ability to create useful knowledge and information--not merely consume it.

Problem-based Learning1:

  • Intended to teach content
  • Requires critical thinking, problem solving and communication
  • Is organized around an open-ended, driving question
  • Creates a need to know essential content and skills
  • Allows some student choice in the learning content and process
  • Includes learning a process for revision and reflection
  • Involves a public audience

Students will learn specific technology skills through authentic use of a variety of tools in a variety of contexts. Through PBL and inquiry based learning, students will also have a variety of opportunities to learn and practice techniques needed to be effective users of information technologies.     

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