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February 8 Update

posted Feb 8, 2013, 2:52 AM by William Farren
Over the last couple weeks all seventh graders participated in the Google Ninja Program, a program designed to help students improve their skills in various areas like web search, the use of cloud-based files management, etc.  The majority of students in grade seven attained Ninja Master status when it comes to using web search. This skill-set will be one they will use throughout their life, often. It will help them find what they need quickly, while at the same time being able to better judge the quality of information they encounter. You can see current Ninja Program standings here.

EAL students have begun using Blogger, the school's blogging platform, to communicate using a variety of media, to improve their written language skills. Thanks to Mr. Desmond for always looking at new ways to use our school's technology offerings to engage students in their learning.

It was nice to see students using a variety of tools during their Celebration of Learning talks. Students were given the freedom to choose the tool they believed would best support the type of talk they were giving. Part of what we try to do with technology is help students learn to evaluate and choose the best tool for the job. With so many tools available, this is an increasingly important skill.

Students are being shown different ways to use mobile devices like school iPads, smart phones, etc. to quickly and easily transfer videos and images from the device right to a cloud-based system like Google Drive. In addition, students now have the ability to directly upload images and video to their efolio system using either the Android or iOS platform.

For an interesting talk, you might want to check out Dr. Tony Wagner's discussion about the seven skills students will need for their future. A blog post outlining those skills and the video are available on the MS Tech Blog.
Ninja Standings