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March 1 Update

posted Mar 1, 2013, 7:27 AM by William Farren
A few highlights: Students continue immersing themselves into technology-assisted learning. Eight graders have been using a powerful tool called Geogebra which allows for dynamic models to be used in order to learn algebraic and geometric concepts.

Seventh graders in science class have been taking pictures of their marble "roller-coasters" using their own devices while studying about forces and motion. Using their own devices loaded with Google's Drive software, allows students to easily capture ideas, images, video, etc. and then upload their media to their Google Drive account wirelessly. It's important for students to be able to use these ubiquitous tools (gadgets) in ways that are quick, simple and efficient. Learning to use these tools well and understanding their capabilities is an important step in becoming an effective learner today.

A couple weeks ago, eighth grade students visited the local school for visually-impaired children. It is now the eighth graders' turn to be hosts. One of the activities during the day will be a Fun with Audio activity using the school's iPads. We are hoping the devices' tactile, multi-touch capabilities, along with their great audio capabilities and great choice of software, will allow students to engage with their guests in ways that help create empathy and understanding in our students toward people with limited visual acuity.  

We are installing a visual simulator app from the Braille Institute called VisionSim to help our students better understand their guests' conditions. Other fun, audio-based apps we will use include: