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March 8 Update

posted Mar 8, 2013, 6:40 AM by William Farren
This week eighth grade students hosted about 65 children from the low-vision school in Obuda. One of the activities, as described in last week's update, was "fun with sound" using the middle school's iPads. Our students did a fantastic job showing their guests how to use a variety of sound-based apps, engaging them with technology. For many of our guests, it was the first time they had been able to use a multi-touch device. The feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive.

Seventh grade students continue to work on making their thinking visible using a variety of images, annotated with color codes, placed into a Google Doc which has been embedded into a page of their efolio. Some students have elected to bypass the Google Doc, entering their images and reflections directly into their e-folio. If you are the parent of a seventh grader, you might want to ask your child to show you what they are doing in science class via their efolio pages.  What we like about this efolio system, is that it makes it easy for students to pull together a variety of media like Google Docs, text, images, etc. and put them into an easily sharable/comment-enabled web page.  Over time, as students use this system more, they will create a nice longitudinal record of their learning, showing growth over time as well as areas that could use improvement. Next week Mr. Scanga will be working with sixth grade students, getting them ready to use their efolios in science. Earlier in the year, Ms. Bennett began using the system with her math students.

Eighth grade students are working on expressing a complex idea in geography class visually, with graphics intended to make important ideas understandable and memorable. The video at right is an example used in class of this style of communication. Students are using a variety of traditional and new media to accomplish this task.