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Nov. 8 Update

posted Nov 8, 2013, 2:52 AM by William Farren
Parents: Please Use this guide to help configure your child’s computer. Configuring machines correctly will make your child more productive, safe, and will allow them to learn and do more.

1. ▢ yes ▢ no  I know how to become the computer administrator if I wish to do so.

Help MAC:   Help WIN:

2. ▢ yes ▢ no  I know my child’s computer serial number.

Help MAC:

3. ▢ yes ▢ no   I have installed antivirus software on my child’s machine.

Possible choices: and

4. ▢ yes ▢ no   I have configured automatic updates on my machine.

Help: Mac: and WIN

5. ▢ yes ▢ no   My child's computer has been identified on bottom with his/her school email address using indelible ink marker.

6. ▢ yes ▢ no  My child's computer has a lock screen. This screen is set to lock after 10 minutes of inactivity.  (Requires password after screen sleeps.)

Help: Mac: Help: WIN

7. ▢ yes ▢ no   I have installed or set up software to help me find a lost device.

Possible options: MAC:


8. ▢ yes ▢ no  I am helping my child develop a routine so that they bring their computer fully charged to school each morning.

9. ▢ yes ▢ no   My child’s computer’s operating system is set to English.

This will help your child learn English and it will allow teachers to help your child in school.

We are asking that students keep a pair of earbuds in their computer case. This will allow them to work with audio in class in a way that does not interfere with other’s ability to learn. Please make sure they have a pair for school. Inexpensive ones will work fine.

 Many times I hear students (and adults) say that "they are not good at computers".  We've been talking about helping students develop a growth mindset. Please watch the video below and think about this important topic. Having a fixed mindset is a serious impediment to learning.   Also, we are trying to get students in the habit of using Diigo, a personal knowledge management tool. This tool allows students to capture information they find online, organize it, share it and easily retrieve it for future use. Please ask them about it.