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Preparing to Bring in Laptops in Gr 6

posted Sep 5, 2013, 3:38 AM by William Farren   [ updated Sep 5, 2013, 3:42 AM ]
As I'm sure you know, grade 6 students will be bringing in their own laptops this school year. We are helping students prepare for this event which will start on Sept 16, by asking students to create a "case" for a soft boiled egg which they will be carrying around during Sept. 5 and 6. Our goal is to get students thinking about where they will store their computers, how they will care for them, and what requirements each teacher has regarding the safe keep and logistics of each device while in class.
Parents should have received a link to the electronic BYOD Parent Checklist form in their email. We ask that it be filled out in order to help safeguard your child's computer and to help maintain a safe computing environment both at home and school. The form spells out AISB's expectations for how machines are set up and managed, with help links to any technical requirements. We are verifying the authenticity of this form by only sending it to parents' emails and not posting the link anywhere else. If you are the parent of a sixth grader and have not received the form, please send me an email stating so ( After we check your email against our school records, I'll be glad to send you the link to the form.
We will be asking students to come to school with fully-charged computers. Please help your child remember to charge their computer before bringing it to school each day. We want this to become a habit so that students' learning is not adversely affected by an uncharged machine.
We look forward to having a great year with information technology and help students learn to learn with all the great ICT tools available today. It's never been a better time to be a learner.

Please look for the following form link in your parent email: