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Productivity Tips and Suggestions

posted Oct 7, 2013, 2:48 AM by William Farren
Many students have purchased new, shiny computers with great track pads for this school year. The multi-touch trackpad on the Apple laptops is very responsive and can help any user become more productive with their device. (The trackpads from other brands can be great too.) Take a look at the video below to see some of the features of the Apple multi-touch trackpad. You can configure your Apple device's trackpad setting from System Preferences...Trackpad...

The above video doesn't show everything you can do with the Apple trackpad. Please take a look at the options in the Trackpad setup menu. One setting that is highly recommended is "Tap to click".

Since all sixth grade students now have a personalized portal created in Blogger, they should set is as their home page in the Google Chrome browser. (Please make sure your computer has the Google Chrome browser installed. It's the browser we will be using most of the time at school.) Also, it's a great idea to set up Chrome so that it continues where you left off. Take a look at the settings in the image below. These can be found from the Preferences menu in Chrome.

Please help your child remember to fully charge their computer before they come to school each day. It's a good idea to connect the charger before going to bed at night. Help your child develop this important habit as it will be required throughout their middle school tenure.

If you haven't done so already, please ask your child about what Diigo can do. They have been learning how to use this fantastic tool for bookmarking, annotation, and highlighting of online material. It's part of what's called personal knowledge management and is indispensable in the networked, information-rich world we live in.