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Research and Information Fluency

posted Nov 27, 2013, 5:13 AM by William Farren   [ updated Nov 27, 2013, 5:15 AM ]
Students in Mr. Valezy's grade six class have begun looking at three important areas when it comes to research and information fluency:

1) Having a research process
2) Being able to find things online
3) Being able to tell if what you find is good

We have introduced students to the  the Big 6 Skills in order to help them develop a process  to use with information problems. Students are being shown how to use search tools such as advanced search from Google. They are being shown how to use operators in order to refine their search queries. In addition, the research tool has been introduced to students to help them easily cite and keep track of sources right within a Google document. Lastly, students are being instructed on the importance of being critical consumers of anything they find online. They need to be able to evaluate information now that is easily publishable by almost anyone. We are using this document as a starting point in order to help students develop criteria on how to evaluate the quality of information they encounter.

Students were shown the videos below. The first one starts with an information challenge while the second one walks viewers through how it might be solved.
 View  View

Below are more examples of media that we looked at in class and discussed whether or not they were real or fake.

Real or Fake?

Fake or Real?