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Tech Update Jan. 7

posted Jan 15, 2013, 4:12 AM by William Farren   [ updated Jan 15, 2013, 4:28 AM ]
This week students and teachers have hit the new year running when it comes to using technology to learn. Sixth and eighth grade students have been using an app called Educreations on the middle school's ipads to make their thinking visible. This not only is a great form of alternative assessment, but in the process of creating their Educreation, each student reinforces their own learning. Having to explain and "teach" something is a great way to better learn it. Also, for students whose first language is not English, this app gives them practice in speaking English, and later, listening to themselves for feedback purposes.  At right, you can see an example of an Educreation recently created by an AISB 8th grader.

Seventh grade students have been working on the Search component of the Google Apps Ninja Program. This program allows students to learn about important areas within the school's Google Apps Suite (Search, Sites, Gmail, Drive and Cal) in order to become "masters" with these important real-world tools. To date, most 7th graders have earned a belt, with many having earned black and a few having earned Master level. 

Seventh graders have also been working on their electronic portfolios in science class, putting various lab reports and reflections into one easy-to-use portfolio page. These pages will become part of each student's growth record, while allowing for feedback from various constituencies like teachers, peers and parents. Parents will soon be able to see these pages as students securely share them with secret links.

Seventh graders in Ms. Davidoff's music classes are working with Garageband, making sound tracks for telephone hold calls.  They are incorporating loops from the Apple library, as well as creating their own sounds using MIDI and QWERTY keyboards. Students are learning about composition, MIDI, tempo, and harmony, among other things.

Eighth grade students continue to work on their multimedia projects, retelling stories using a variety of multimedia tools like Prezi, YouTube, iMovie, photos, etc. Thanks to Mr. Rudnicki for giving students plenty of freedom in choosing how to present their ideas.

Educreation Example