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Welcome New Year 2014-15

posted Aug 28, 2014, 3:21 AM by William Farren
Welcome to a new school year. This should be an exciting one in the middle school as we will be 100% Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Many students have already begun to bring in their laptops and are off running. Parents should be receiving an online form, sent to their email of record, which they can use to register their child's machine. Registering the machine will help us at school retrieve the computer should it become lost or stolen. The form also has tips and suggestions for securing the computer and making your child's BYOD experience a better and safer one.
    Please remind your child to fully charge their computer each night so that they can get through the next school day with no battery problems. This is really important. Also, please remind your child that when they do not have their computer with them, it should be in their locked locker. Thanks for your help with this.

A hard case will protect from bumps and drops.
A carrying case is needed to move laptop around. 

Inexpensive earbuds are needed to watch videos, edit video, etc. These should be brought each day and kept in carrying case.